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A little something for everyone follows. You’re offered refreshing summer cocktails, cooking classes, live theatre and amazing movies, author events at the book store, something for the kids, hurricane lessons and tips, world-class musical performances, wine tastings, summer parties, Sunday brunch, historic tours, old-time dances and tango lessons, open mic night, a fiesta of schnitzel, cool Jazz, language tutoring, painting lessons, karaoke madness, trivia team competitions, backgammon tournaments and so much more.

Is this a great little city? Yes — and that’s largely thanks to all those that endeavor to bring us these wonderful Great Gables Events.

Robert and Robin Burr

Finding Mona Lisa at the Miracle Theatre
theaterIn his newest play, Carbonell Award-winning playwright Michael McKeever explores the history of the world’s most famous painting, including Leonardo da Vinci’s meeting of Senora del Giocondo (Mona Lisa) and his masterful creation of her indelible countenance. This historical, funny and intriguing new piece presents highlights throughout the painting’s infamous past, including her vandalism, her theft, her journey to America (at the request of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy) and the various places she spent her storied lifespan, including hanging in Napoleon’s bedroom, before her final resting place at the Louvre. The play continues through August 13. The Miracle Theatre is located at 280 Miracle Mile. Showtimes are Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 8pm, plus Sunday at 3pm. Call 305-444-9293. http://www.actorsplayhouse.org

Dunkirk (in 70mm) at Gables Art Cinema
CinemaThe nerve-racking war thriller Dunkirk is the movie Christopher Nolan’s entire career has been building up to, in ways that even he may not have realized. He’s taken the British Expeditionary Force’s 1940 evacuation from France, early in World War II — a moment of heroism-in-defeat that has become an integral part of Britain’s vision of itself — and turned it into a nesting doll of increasingly breathless ticking-clock narratives. Some filmgoers might be expecting a sprawling, grandiose war epic. Instead, Nolan gives us one of the leanest, most ingenious studio films in quite a while: an intercutting montage of competing timelines that expand and contract and collide in ways both inevitable and surprising. And somehow, it’s also uncharacteristically intimate. The film itself is a testament to the value of loss — to the idea that life, honor, and triumph wait on the far side of failure. That was, of course, the gist of newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s resounding speech delivered in the wake of the retreat. In the end, Dunkirk suggests that how you handle the most deflating existential defeat may well be the very thing that saves you. We all kind of need to be reminded of that these days. The only theater in South Miami-Dade playing Dunkirk in ultra high-definition 70mm film, Coral Gables Art Cinema is located at 260 Aragon. Call 786-385-9689 or visit the web site for details. http://www.gablescinema.org

Now Playing at the Landmark Movie Theatre
CinemaThe Landmark at Merrick Park is a seven screen movie theater located on the third floor of the Village of Merrick Park. A sophisticated bar and lounge area makes it an all-encompassing destination for food, drink and entertainment. Currently playing: Dunkirk, War For The Planet of The Apes, Spiderman, Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3, Beatriz At Dinner, Wonder Woman, Paris Can Wait. Call 786-574-4116. https://www.landmarktheatres.com/miami/the-landmark-at-merrick-park

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