Home of the Cuban Taco, Caja Caliente on Ponce offers a delightful assortment of casual Latin specialties, including a traditional roast pork. The homemade tamales are a reader favorite and the daily specials are always a treat.

Caja Caliente on Ponce

Caja Caliente bills itself as the Home of the Cuban Taco

The variety of tacos is notable, as is the size of the portions. Choose the old favorites like pulled pork and skirt steak, or get creative with yellowfin tuna poke, local gator, grilled octopus, snapper or shrimp. Likewise, the quinoa bowls and burritos are just as interesting. If you’re hunting for a Tamale Cubano, featuring masa loaded with crispy pork, cheese and avocado, you found it.

Readers love the Croquetas de Cabra — little fried balls of caramelized onion with goat cheese — as well as the codfish croquetas and Spinach croquetas. Savory and sweet empanadas — Guava and cheese, Chicken Curry or Picadillo are standout choices.

For traditional Cuban fare, consider the Arroz con pollo or the crispy discos with filling compressed between two pieces of cuban bread.

The desserts do not disappoint. Try flan de leche or coco, arroz con leche, or dulce de leche and cheese empanada. Finish with a fine cafecito.

Caja Caliente is located at 808 Ponce. Call 786-431-1947. https://www.caja-caliente.com

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